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Digital Academy

Mentorship for emerging multidisciplinary leaders with a focus on public health and sustainability

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Quick Q&A

Answers to frequently asked questions

Whom is this program for?

This program targets young female young leaders, with a focus on the Global South, studying and working on themes related to Planetary Health and connected areas who are looking to improve leadership skills. 

Is this a paid program?

The program is divided into different modules. Each module has a different registration fee depending on your nationality. Discounts will be offered for early applicants and full scholarships are available for top candidates from the Global South.

What areas does the program focus on?

The WLPH mentorship is open for all disciplines but calls for individuals interested in the field of Planetary Health, especially in the Global South.

How long does it take approximately to reach the desired objectives?

The duration of the program varies between six weeks and five months, depending on the module. Regardless of your module, all selected candidates will remain connected to our community and will have the chance to continue learning and growing with the support of our network.

What is the acceptance criteria?

There are multiple criteria for acceptance. First, we want to make sure you are a committed and driven individual aiming to be a change agent. Second, it’s important that your application shows your goals are aligned with the goals around planetary health and social/environmental transformation. Third, we are prioritizing female candidates who can support transformative policies in the Global South. Finally, we promote positive change by targeting specific groups to attend our Digital Academy and Mentorship. Successful candidates:

  • Are preferably Involved in a Planetary Health research project or activity; 

  • Demonstrate  an outstanding academic and/or professional trajectory;

  • Are committed to gender, health, and/or sustainability themes;

  • Showcase experience in effective communication and leadership. 

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